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Corporate LiveWire provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate finance and legal sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the globe.  The resource offers regular up-to-date information on an array of subject areas such as corporate transactions, international markets, business strategy and changes in legislation.  A wide range of companies and global experts are involved in analysing the issues which are timely and relevant in today's world.  With daily updates, regular expert guides and roundtables, leading affiliates and a team of journalists exploring every region, we aim to be the number one resource across the corporate and business community.

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Wired is a global networking platform for the corporate finance and business community. Wired enables you to create profiles for yourself and your organisation in order to connect with some of the most elite executives and experts. With Wired you can publish your own articles, reports and press releases. You may also invite friends and even list events you are running or attending. Any Wired user is free to comment on content throughout the Corporate LiveWire site and engage in a debate on current developments.

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Medical LiveWire is the ultimate resource for medical professionals. Online articles are updated on a daily basis to feature the latest studies and developments from around the world. This is complemented by a series of regular Expert Guides and Q&A's with leading practitioners and medical professionals to engage in discussion and debates within a specific field of specialisation

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The Luxury Travel Guide is an exclusive resource for Corporate LiveWire users and subscribers.  We aim to be the leading provider of travel & lifestyle related news, reviews and features to the global business community. The Luxury Travel Guide provides readers with an objective look over holiday destinations, hotels, spas, entertainment, technology and much more.  We regularly consider the best of the best of what is available to today's corporate professional.  Visitors will get daily updated online content and can enter our free competitions.  Head over to our Guides page where you will find our flagship digital magazine publication which provides 'global advice for the affluent traveller'.

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For those who want to take a meaningful gap year there is iStudy. The iStudy Guide is aimed towards those ardent travellers who are interested in gaining valuable life skills during their travels through the guise of studying, volunteering or working abroad.

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iGap Travel Guide provides the ultimate resource for all your gap travel needs.  Whether you have just finished college, still at university, or simply want to explore the world; we are here for you.  Our extensive travel guides will bring to life the coolest destinations on the planet while we will spoil our lovely readers with daily updated online content featuring travel advice, working abroad and activity ideas.  Visitors can also enter our free competitions.